Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set

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A-Frame Dollhouse …

A-Frame Dollhouse – Elevator

A-Frame Dollhouse – Garage
Styled for today’s boys and girls

Fresh, gender-neutral colors against a natural-wood frame make this modern dollhouse an appealing option for both girls and boys. Modern touches such as a garage with lift-up door and an elevator in the center avoid the formality of some more traditional dollhouses, making this a great option for today’s kids, while maintaining a timeless appeal to please parents with both contemporary and traditional homes. The open sides also make this play set easy to share : Multiple children can reach in from the front, sides and top, so it’s perfect for preschools or families with multiple children, and great for play dates too.

Develops skills in a playful way

Dollhouse play is a wonderful way to develop vocabulary, narrative thinking, problem solving, and emotional awareness as children act out everyday situations and family dynamics. The collection of furniture and family pieces that come with this set are perfect for getting the ball rolling, inspiring simple stories such as getting the child ready for school, having the parents make dinner together, or even sitting down the whole family for movie night in front of the TV. Playing with Hi-Rise Dollhouse is good for motor skills, too : With many levels to move the people between, playing with the set involves grasping, lifting, reaching, leaning—everyday movements that together make up great exercise for dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

About Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug toys are designed to fuel imagination, inspire exploration, and encourage the natural curiosity that leads to a lifetime of learning! From classic wooden toys to creative crafts for every age, Melissa & Doug’s timeless products educate and enrich in a way that’s as natural as playtime itself. Since their company’s founding 25 years ago, Melissa and Doug have been committed to making exceptional children’s products, with a focus on hands-on creative play and superior customer service. With their recognizable red-oval logo, Melissa and Doug put their names on every product they make—a symbol of their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and dedication to improving playtime for families around the world.

  • Open-sided dollhouse perfect for home or school
  • Fresh, gender-neutral colors
  • 6 rooms plus elevator and garage
  • Includes 3 play people and 15 pieces of furniture.
  • 1 : 12 scale


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